About the Site

It’s one thing to read black and white statistics about CLL survival rates. It’s another to read actual patients’ stories. Their words bring the numbers to life.

The stories shared here are intended to help newly diagnosed patients understand that for many of us, CLL is truly a chronic condition. Life goes on, and often quite happily. Still, CLL is a heterogeneous disease. Many patients will never need treatment, but many others will, and we mustn’t diminish the impact on their lives or the challenge they face in choosing the right therapy at the right time.

Regardless of our disease type, in facing CLL, each of us can find our way to a life richer with meaning. So it is that we share our learning here, to help the newly diagnosed heal and feel whole again. Our stories bear witness to the grace, the inner wisdom and the gratitude that often emerges as a result of our shared experience.

The stories presented on this site are excerpts of stories that patients have shared online in the CLL discussion group hosted by ACOR (the nonprofit Association of Cancer Online Resources). All the patients quoted have agreed to have their words replicated here because they all share in the desire to help others cope with CLL and carry on living. Patients’ names have been deleted to protect their privacy.